1. How reliable is a test by a diagnostic dog?

A diagnostic dog is extremely precise at identifying the scent profile of cancer from excretions. Like public service dogs and handlers, a diagnostic dog and its handler pass a carefully defined training programme. A well-trained and handled dog is almost flawless in its work. The dog wants to succeed – like top professionals, it loves its work when guided correctly.

See here for various research results.

Because sent samples may become contaminated, we cannot guarantee a 100% result. There is potential for error in all test results. Each dog can detect several cancers, despite being trained to identify prostate and breast cancer in particular.

If you wish, you can drop by to meet our dog, which will show you the part of your body in which it can detect the cancer scent profile.

2. How can I order the test and sample equipment?
The easiest way is via our online store.

3. How do I find out whether the dog has detected cancer (prostate or breast cancer) in me?
When you have received our cancer test, you can provide a urine sample in a test tube. Around half a tube of urine is enough. The sample must be returned to a Matkahuolto service point (e.g R-kioski) for shipment on the same day. Keep the sample in a cold place before shipment, but do not let it freeze in a car, for example, during the working day.

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4. How should I mark the sample?
In the pack, you will receive two stick-on holograms with 12 markings. Stick the holograms vertically onto each test tube. Return one of the test tubes to Matkahuolto and keep the other one yourself, so that you can check the results.

You will need the numerical code when logging in to check your result. This will enable us to guarantee your anonymity.

5. How will I receive my test result, and how quickly?
The response will be posted within five working days of our receipt of the test tube sample. You can see the result (here), by logging in using the 12-character code on the stick-on hologram which you kept.

6. How long do the samples last?
The urine sample must be returned to Matkahuolto by the next day at the latest.

7. Is ordering a sample and using your testing service secure?
Yes. We comply with the strictest privacy protection procedures (read our privacy protection summary). We need your data only for invoice payment and delivery of the sample pack. The sample you send cannot be matched with you within our database. Unlike online retailers in general, we do not seek to collect data about you. Our priority is protecting the privacy of our customers.

8. How are the dogs treated/where do they live when not working?
Each dog has a personal handler with whom it lives as a family member. For the dogs, all training and work is based on play, and we do everything we can to ensure their psychological and physical wellbeing. During the working day, the dogs can play and run around in the large, fenced yard at our training centre. Between work and training, they rest in their own break room.

The process is as follows