Privacy policy

We collect the customer’s name; his or her postal, email and IP address; and the information required for verifying means of payment. We collect information for making deliveries and for invoicing purposes. Payments made via our online store are handled by Paytrail Oy, whose privacy policy you can read here (

We print out the sample pack labels in Matkahuolto Oy’s storage facility. You can view Matkahuolto’s privacy policy here (

We keep a customer register, in which we store your name and postal and email address. We can use this information to send you a new sample pack in response to a justified claim for an undelivered or flawed product. If you consent, via our website, to receiving emails on issues such as our latest services, we may contact you accordingly.

Whose data is processed?

Potential customers
Website visitors

Purpose of and legal grounds for processing personal data

Personal data is processed in order to maintain and develop cooperation, and for the management of statistical issues.
Personal data is also used by the data controller for marketing, the collection of feedback, and other contacts. In addition, it may be used for the design and development of the data controller’s business and services.
The processing of personal data is based on the legitimate interests of the data controller; see the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679. .


Cookies are small text files, or activity trackers, downloaded from a server and stored on the user’s computer. Cookies will not damage your computer or files. They are intended to improve and customise the use of the website, and for the analysis and enhancement of its functionality and content.
Cookies are used for the anonymous collection of statistical data on the amount and type of use of web pages and newsletters. This statistical data is not connected to personal data. We use such feedback to improve our web pages and the content of our newsletter.

Cookies are used to collect the following information:

• IP address
• time of visit to site
• browsed pages and time spent browsing them
• browser
• destination address, domain name and server used

Many browsers allow cookies to be blocked.

Google Analytics

The Google Analytics service enables the monitoring and development of web pages, and design of the related marketing. It is impossible to pair data collected in this way with personal data.
See Google’s privacy policy page for further details on its analytics monitoring.
You can use a separate browser extension to prevent monitoring by Google Analytics.

When you return the sample pack to Matkahuolto, cover your own address with the return address sticker, as instructed. When we receive your pack for testing, our employee will remove the test tube from the sample pack and destroy the packaging. This means that even if you have left your own details on the pack, the connection between the 12-digit code on the test tube and your personal ID will be broken at this stage.

There is no way in which the personal details of our customers and the test results can be matched with each other. To ensure the full protection of your privacy, different databases are used by different people who are unknown to each other.

Our data security description covers the sections required by standard ISO27001 (A.17.1.1 Planning information security continuity A.17.1.2 Implementing information security continuity A.17.1.3 Verify, review, and evaluate information security continuity A.17.2.1 Availability of information processing facilities).

Our customer register can only be viewed by marketing experts on our payroll. If you would like to view your data, or have it changed or deleted, contact us by email (