Diagnostic dog sample pack


Each cancer test includes two plastic test tubes, instructions, two adhesive holograms and an adhesive return-address label.

Read the instructions and fill one of the test tubes about half way with a urine sample. Seal the sample test tube tightly. Stick an adhesive hologram onto each test tube, place the tube containing the sample in the pack, and keep the empty tube for yourself. Close the pack containing the sample and cover your own address with the sticker showing the return address. You will need the code on the adhesive hologram in order to check your result later.

Deliver the pack to a Matkahuolto service point.

When the dog has completed its task, you will be able to view the result here within five working days.

Product description

For you or close friends or family


At Doctor Dog, we truly value your privacy. We only need your name, contact details and telephone number for sending the sample pack and invoicing you. When we receive the returned pack, it will no longer contain your details, only the numerical code on the adhesive hologram.

Your personal details cannot be paired with the results of your test sample: this is ensured using unique codes.

If the result is negative, this means that the dog did not detect a cancer scent profile from your urine sample.

What should I do if the result is positive?

The result is positive if the dog has detected a cancer scent profile from your urine sample. If this is the case, you should contact a doctor and book an appointment for a diagnosis.

The prognosis for cancer treatment improves the sooner the disease is detected.

Our dogs are primarily trained to detect prostate and breast cancer, which are clearly two of the most common cancers in Finland. Due to the structure of cancer cells, the dog can also recognise other cancers. The dog may therefore have detected the scent profile of another cancer. That is why you must see a doctor in order to obtain a diagnosis.